About Us

The KIWY face mask is so comfortable, you will want to Keep It With You no matter what. Designed in collaboration by industry experts to fit your day-to-day while keeping you and those around you safe and healthy.

Dave: Dave is the visionary behind KIWY. An avid adventurer (pre-COVID), photographer and filmmaker (davidrmcclellan.com), he saw the need for a comfortable and functional mask. With 20+ years in the salon industry, Dave knows how critical the ergonomics of style and comfort are to help people feel confident and empowered. Being able to wash, color and cut hair, carry on a conversation, and still stay safe and comfortable would help these small businesses reopen.

Emma: Emma brings these masks to life. A seasoned designer and clothing brand founder, as well as a yoga instructor, Emma adapted the KIWY prototype to make it work for any lifestyle. She made sure that as you move throughout the day, the KIWY mask is fully adjustable and designed to always be ready when you need it.